EZPZ Hack: Get a Few Hours of Your Life Back

Like many people on this planet, I stay connected with people through social media. I don’t delete these apps because they all serve a purpose, no matter how big or small. But I will say that my mind subconsciously follows the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” to a tee. So, by simply putting these apps in the second page of a folder, I free up hours a week. Find yourself burning every free minute on Facebook or Instagram? Try this for a week and reclaim a few hours back a week. This will simply prevent brain-dead “unlock, tap on whatever app has notifications”.


I also turned off notifications for all these apps! Do these two simple things and reclaim a few hours of your life back. If this doesn’t help out with at least an hour or two a week, I recommend deleting them too! My girlfriend, Lydia, just deleted her Facebook account and has a lot more time to get stuff done.


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