Code of Ethics

My personal code of ethics includes my college, career and my individual aspirations. My college aspirations include completing the journalism program at Iowa State University by applying my writing skills and my solid work ethic. I plan on applying for some sort of internship within the next semester in the music, film or video game industry. In the mean time, I will keep on working to polish my writing skills and work ethic with my own blog. As far as my career aspirations, I plan on starting my own company EZPZ in 2015. We will start with a podcast and I’ll grow it into a website over time. This site will focus on my three passions: music, movies and video games. This site will be a blog and outlet for my podcast, which is still in the works.

I will always be willing to try new ideas to gain my reader’s trust and respect. I have a lot more ideas where I can incorporate fun aspects of music, movies and video games. Such ideas include, but are not restricted to having a tab on the site where people can watch myself or other site contributors stream video games. I will win my readers over with exceptional writings about my three passions. I will always strive to give my readers and future listeners a completely unbiased and objective discussion on the subject matter. I will always interact professionally with my co-workers and fellow writers in the industry. I will always strive to be an honest reporter, focusing on bringing the facts to my readers in an objective way. I will always work towards keeping my workplace professional but also making sure that there is an adequate amount of fun being had.

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