Tech giant, Google, drops out of the phone market with sale of Molorola to Lenovo

Google sells Motorola to China-based company, Lenovo, for $2.91 billion. Google just bought Motorola for over $12 billion two years prior.

What does this mean for the tech world? Well, Motorola was making great strides becoming part of the American based company, Google. They had already built a huge factory to build phones in Texas and were making their 2013 line-up of gadgets out of Texas.

This bodes well for China’s Lenovo, who has been in the market for a smart phone entity for quite some time. It is said that they bought Motorola in hopes of winning over the American consumer, since their success is primarily in Europe and China.

At first glance, people assume that Google lost a lot of money, but they ended walking away from this smelling like a rose. They lost plenty of cash, but it is said that they bought Motorola as a way to gain leverage in their ongoing patent suits with Apple. Although, the gamble did not pay off, if it would have, they would have shocked many tech-enthusiasts around the world. With Google exiting the phone market, there have already been rumors that the biggest OEM in the world, Samsung, has agreed to lay off on all the custom bloatware they attach to all of their phones to give Google’s mobile OS a sleeker experience. Either way, it seems like this deal was the best thing that could happen in the mobile technology world.