November 2014 Playlist

November is an interesting month when it comes to music and myself. I usually spend it checking out albums I missed over the year after seeing end of the year lists from other editors and for my own list. I also rekindle my ties with other tunes that remind me of Thanksgiving, family and friends. This year, I listened to some older music for nostalgia’s sake, some newer music for my list and some music to hype me for the only concert I attended in November.

Tyson Stevens passed away on October 19th from an apparent heroine overdose. For those of you that did not know who he was, he was the ex-lead singer for Scary Kids Scaring Kids. The band called it quits in 2009, but they still played a prominent role in my adolescence and meant a lot to me. I cherry-picked some tunes from all their releases to start out the month of November.



Check out this picture off of Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ old Myspace profile. Bring back any memories?

A week or so into the month, I really got into the new Pianos Become the Teeth album, Keep You. Even though I heard a lot of good things about it, I was worried because I read that they abandoned their heavier sound for something more melodic and for lack of a better word “mature”. I’m all for a band evolving especially if it results in an album like Keep You. Expect it on my end of the year list!


I added in some Seahaven because even after seeing them in late September with Balance and Composure, I could not get them out of my head. I only own Winter Forever, so I primarily jammed to songs like “End of the World” and “Save Me”. I really like the sound they put out and expect big things from them in 2015.


The only concert I attended in November was RL Grime in Lincoln, Nebraska. I spent a lot of the month listening to his debut album, VOID, which dropped on the Tuesday (11/17) before the show. I think the album is great and seeing RL Grime live is something that everyone needs to experience, fan of EDM or not. The concert was unbelievable! My friends and I got into the front row for his entire set.