Easy weekly diet to shed pounds this new year!

This is just a little write-up about an easy diet to abide by to shed a small amount of weight quickly. I follow this weekly diet at least a couple weeks a month. It takes little preparation, which is important for someone that is always on the go!
Level of commitment and difficulty to adhere to the diet: low to moderate

  1. 5 diet days, 1 complete cheat day, 1 half cheat day.
  2. 3 days of working out for 30 mins. This means anything from walking to yoga to biking. Increase heart rate for 30 mins. Make sure to stretch before and after (stretching not included in 30 min time)
Breakfast- between 5am-8am
These are your choices of foods to eat in the morning:
  1. Yogurt (you may add small amounts of granola and fruit on days when you aren’t working out)
  2. V8 Low Sodium fruit or veggie smoothie (can be homemade)
  3. Piece of fruit or veggie (if not working out)
  4. One cup of cottage cheese


Lunch (biggest meal of the day)- between 10am-Noon
  1. 2 cups of frozen veggies with no sauce. Only salt and pepper can be applied.
  2. 1 large serving of chicken breast or tuna. You may mix a small amount of mayonnaise or salad dressing with tuna.
  3. Your choice of a piece of fruit or another helping of veggies or a baked potato. With the baked potato, you cannot add any sauces. I add cottage cheese, salt and pepper lightly. Sour cream is also a no-no.
Dinner (smaller than lunch portion wise, but still hefty)- between 5pm-7pm
  1. Salad- plain spinach leaves or a head of lettuce. No sauce, just sunflower seeds, soy seeds and raisins. Any amount of any other veggie can be added. I use green olives, sliced tomatos and sliced cucumber. Baby or shredded carrots are wonderful too. (Salt and pepper can be applied LIGHTLY)
  2. Piece of fruit or celery sticks and one serving on peanut butter
  3. Yogurt or a cup of Kefir Fruit Smoothie



*Dinner and lunch can be interchanged but your portions must be reduced for dinner and can be increased for lunch.
Snacks- can be eaten an hour before or after lunch and dinner. Limit to eating snacks twice a day (before or after lunch and dinner). You can have up to three total snacks through out the day. 
  1. Oatmeal with no sugar added. You may add fruit or salt.
  2. Yogurt (preferably Greek yogurt) or Kefir Fruit Smoothie
  3. Up to two pieces of fruit or veggies
  4. V8 Low Sodium fruit or veggie smoothie (Comes in a can. Can be bought at Walmart, Target, etc)
  5. Celery sticks with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. You have to limit the peanut butter but you may eat as many celery sticks as you want.
  6. Frozen Veggies with salt and or pepper only. Since this is a snack, it must be in small portions.
  7. Dried fruit. This is one of the least healthy options you are given. You must limit it to a cup.
  8. Cottage cheese and yogurt are your best friend. You may add fresh fruit to them. They will cure your appetite for sugar.
  9. Granola Bars these are the least healthy option on the list of snacks, so they must be limited to one and only one a day. Preferably the KIND brand because of their all natural ingredients.
Vitamins (vitamins are optional; they will have a huge impact on suppressing your appetite for bad foods)
Water is the only drink you can have during non-cheat days. You need to do your best to consume 8 glasses of water a day on non-cheat days and especially on days when you workout.