Title Fight stream third single off of Hyperview, “Your Pain is Mine Now”

The new Title Fight album, Hyperview from Anti- Records is shaping up to be a real monster.


In the new single called “Your Pain is Mine Now”, streaming on Vogue.com.

Title Fight is just getting better and better with each release. As you can hear in these first three tracks off of Hyperview, Title Fight’s two vocalists, Jamie Rhoden and Ned Russin, sound a lot different compared to the days of the Kingston EP from 2008. The band has really flourished, especially after their last album, Floral Green, from 2012. I cannot stop spinning this “Your Pain is Mine Now”. Jamie Rhoden’s voice is majestic, soothing and flat-out beautiful.

Check it out NOW!


Pre-order the album now via iTunes or the band’s Kings Road Merch profile!